When do I need to get a building permit?
For new construction, anything over 120 square feet will require a permit. For remodeling, all structural changes, and some repairs, require a permit. Roofs, swimming pools, and other miscellaneous jobs can also require one. Perhaps this chart will help, or you can call the Permit office at 748-8298. Permit Chart

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1. When do I need to get a building permit?
2. Where do I get a building permit?
3. Who can apply for a building permit?
4. Can I apply online for a permit?
5. How long are permits issued for?
6. What does a permit cost?
7. How do I get an inspection on the work being done?
8. What is a Certificate of Occupancy, and how do I get one?
9. Where can I report illegal dumping?
10. What zone is my house located in?