Test Procedure

The Artesia Fire Department utilizes a comprehensive testing procedure to ensure we get the best candidates. After completing the application candidates will be contacted and informed of the testing date. The process is as follows:

  1. There will be a written exam which consists of general knowledge. There is a 2-hour time limit Minimum passing score is 70%. If successful the candidate will proceed to the next testing station.
  2. Candidates will be required to ascend the 104-foot Aerial Platform (Platform ladder climb). This tests the candidates ability to deal with heights. If the candidate is successful they will proceed to the candidate physical ability test.
  3. Prior to attempting the physical ability test phase each candidate will undergo a quick screening of the vitals (blood pressure, etc) The candidate physical ability test consists of 6 stations: 
    1. Equipment carry (carry 75-pound fan 50 feet)
    2. Stair climb (ascend the equivalent of 3 stories while carrying a high-rise pack weighing approximately 40 pounds
    3. Kaiser Sled move a 165 sled with a 12-pound sledgehammer 10 feet
    4. Over/Under Barricade (crawl 75 feet while going over and under a barricade)
    5. Hose line Drag (advance a charged 1 3/4 inches charged hose line 75 feet)
    6. Victim Carry (carry a simulated victim weighing 185 pounds 75 feet)

      Minimum passing completion time for the candidate physical ability test is 4 minutes 56 seconds or less

      Once a candidate completes all the above he/she will be scheduled for an interview and provided the following prior to leaving the fire department area. Special consideration is provided to individuals who are not from the local area.
  4. Interview
  5. Personal integrity questionnaire
  6. Background investigation packet

Next Test Date

Please continually check back for further details.